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Welcome to the demo page showing how registration technology can work for sports magazines, race owners, sports manufacturers, distributors and sponsors. Every sports site can be powered by Orgsu registration technology. The race calendar below contains the demo events created by the race directors who tested the registration functions.
This is just demo example. Do not enter the race for real here.

If you are a sports series owner, digital marketer and/or sport magazine, you may want to rise up your business to become a registration company. Orgsu technology gives you this power easily, quickly and in a reasonable operating fee. This page shows 3 basic features for your website. Race Calendar, Race director admin and Athlete Login. The details how to proceed are available here:

An Entry Process Features

Various levels of entry fees may depend on the time interval(s) you specify (early bird entries for example).
The same or different entry fees may apply across age groups (categories).
The ORGSU system supports Teams category (2 or more athletes per one BIB/entry). Teams then might publish a team photo, info about the team members and more.
Bulk entries: Athlete can purchase an entry for him/herself and for other athletes as well in one shopping session. Athletes can purchase items from the event e-shop alongside race entries.
Entry Cancellation: You can define the cancellation fee for each entry fee time period.
Athletes can then cancel their entries at any time before the race.
Donation: Athletes can choose to donate money during the entry process. You can allow this service in the Event settings.
Discount vouchers: You can add and distribute discount code(s) which can be used either only once or multiple times (by different athletes of course). Discount code(s) can be generated by the system or can bear your own marketing slogan. VIPs can receive VIP discount codes as well.

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